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How to Position Your Sex Doll: 5 Sex Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

So let’s say you either own a sex doll, want a sex doll, or are thinking about purchasing one. Once she arrives, what do you do with her? Does she work just like a human? Can you position her in your favorite sexual positions just like you would with a person?

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The beauty of a sex doll is that the sky is the limit! Think up the most pleasurable stances for you, put her into place, and enjoy your time with your very own sex doll. If you need a little inspiration or a few sex positions to get you started, here are our top picks for ultimate pleasure filled stances:

Bad Dog Doggy Style

Most guys claim that doggy style is the most pleasure filled positioning for their bodies. That’s why we recommend placing the woman on her knees, facing away from you, in the classic doggy pose that so many canines act out in parks on a daily basis.

Butterfly Sex Position

Otherwise known as letting the woman ride you, on top of you, while you lay flat beneath her, butterfly sex position is a great way to really feel deep penetration while your body relaxes. Sometimes, we don’t want to do all the hard work. This way, you can enjoy the act with your sex doll without extra physical exertion.

Driving the Peg Home


This can either be done kneeling or standing. It’s quite often the sex position depicted in movies when characters finally engage in sexual activity. Pick up your sex doll, wrap her legs around your hips, and thrust using a wall or bed frame as the barrier against the act. This can be done kneeling on the bed as well.

Jockey Sex Position

This one is a little more creative. Lay the sex doll down on the bed, face down, while you get on top of her with your legs spread to either side over the ass region. Drill down hard in thrusts forward. You can position the dolls head and arms however you want to.

London Bridge Sex Position

This is a more acrobatic activity, which will be easy given the lighter weight of the sex doll. It can be done kneeling or standing, in which the woman spreads her legs over yours, tilts her back and head away from you, looking up to the ceiling. She catches herself with one arm, although with the sex doll, she won’t need to. You can make this one as acrobatic as you want.

Of course, there are hundreds of other sex positions you can test out on your new sex doll. It’s a great way to gain confidence in your performance and explore what is right for you before trying it out with a woman in your life.

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